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Billing Services for Anaesthetists

Qualified professionals manage your billing and keep patient accounts in order, so you can concentrate on the work you love.

Let Anaesthetic Billing take care of your business


We understand that you are always busy. Fitting in a session of invoicing or chasing payments at the end of the day can be unwelcome and easy to put off for another time.

You work hard because you love your job, but managing your patient billing may not be so much fun. So why not outsource the bit you don’t like, to a team of specialists that would love to help.

We will invoice your patients directly, chase payment if required and receipt all payments. We regularly bank your income to ensure your earnings are as expected.

Find out how we can help. Contact us to discuss your situation.

When I met Catherine over 15 years ago I was doing my own patient billing and very behind in sending out my accounts.  Two months after joining Anaesthetic Billing, my accounts were up to date and my bank account looked much healthier.  I continue to have  a wonderful relationship with Anaesthetic Billing as they take care of the billing side of my business allowing me to take care of my patients.

Dr Anis Yusuf

Professional with a personal touch

About Us

It’s exactly as it says, a billing service for Anaesthetists that ensures they are paid, their accounts are up to date and their patients are treated professionally, so everybody is happy.

Caring Team

Professionals who love to do the jobs you don’t. Discreet and secure individual tracking of your patients and your income, while handling your clients with care and compassion.

How it works

No lock in contract or set up fees. We deposit your income directly into your nominated account and provide detailed reports so you always know your financial position.

Let us take care of your business

Do the work you love, outsource the work you don’t